Meet our team: LIS management

Dr Suleyman Demirsoy, Founder

Suleyman works at Intel and has many interests around technology and computing, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. He works very hard to develop LIS and provide more engaging educational experiences for Young Minds.

Suleyman is an inspiration to all the STEM Ambassadors and young minds that he engages with.

Ruth Haley, Director

Ruth is an enthusiastic Biochemist from York, where she discovered her passion for protein science and sustainability. She works as part of the National Cancer Research Institute building connections between cancer researchers to reach NCRI’s goal to cure cancer.

Ahsen Ustaoglu, STEM coordinator

Ahsen is a second year PhD student at the Blizard Institute, Barts and the London, QMUL. She is an eager researcher who enjoys writing in her science blog in her free time. She is an academic mentor who champions young displaced women and organises projects to empower them through STEM projects with the aim of boosting their aspirations. 

Burhan Bektas, STEM coordinator

Burhan is a dentist and is enthusiastic about dental education and health promotions, as he is a master’s student at University College London’s Faculty of Epidemiology and Public Health. He is proud to be a part of the LIS team and has given science workshops on the nervous system and cell structure to children from 9-11 years. He spends his time on volunteering activities related with STEM workshops, mentoring kids and attending societies in his university. 

Osman Ersoy, STEM coordinator

Osman is a data scientist. He decided to move on from Physics to work in Data science and worked hard to make this transition. He now helps others make this transition or learn data skills from scratch.

Metin Ozer, Marketing and Branding Manager

Metin is a self-employed communications professional. Long story short: Give him a bit of bare information about what you’re up to, and he will show up soon with a proof of concept which covers all the essentials about your story—connecting the dots to illustrate your message.

Safiye Ipek, Social Media Manager

Safiye graduated with a degree in Material Sciences & Engineering in Turkey. She has a passion for volunteering and keeps her mind busy with new updates in tech where Elon Musk inspired her. She is currently part of LIS Social Media Team. In addition to these interests Safiye enjoys learning about space, playing basketball and cycling.

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