Exclusive Workshop:

Blockchain 101

Sat 01 Dec 2018
13:00 – 17:00

Level 39, One Canada Square Canary Wharf, E14 5AB, London

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This workshop is to build the foundations to understand blockchain technology and how it can disrupt multiple industries.

The demand for knowledge in blockchain is increasing as multiple enterprises are looking to achieve efficiencies or/and create new business models enabled by blockchain technology. Ethereum is the leading blockchain platform and it is accepted as the most mature for building applications. Despite the complexity of Ethereum, the learning-by-doing approach of this workshop will accelerate the learning process and make it easy for attendees to understand the concept of decentralisation.

Have you ever looked back on the nineties, thinking you would have loved to be a part of the web revolution? Well, stop dreaming: the blockchain is here and it could be even bigger.

The workshop is designed for students and professionals who want to build their foundations in blockchain technology, or those who want to test their skills with a basic practical project before moving forward with advanced courses.

About the Workshop Provider:

Capexmove is a platform that leverages blockchain technology to issue and tokenise debt. Capexmove allows corporates to pledge their crypto-assets as collateral to borrow fiat currency. Through Capexmove’s platform, live on https://platform.capexmove.io/, anyone can issue or invest in debt securities on the Ethereum Rinkeby blockchain.

What you will achieve

  • A fundamental understanding of blockchain technology
  • Awareness of the potential of blockchain
  • Learning how to perform transactions and to interact with smart contracts

Who is the target audience

  • Graduates who want to gain a competitive advantage in the job market
  • Students who want to understand blockchain technology to perform academic research
  • Professionals and early technology adopters who want to learn how blockchain technology can revolutionise multiple industries
  • Technologists interested in learning more about the Ethereum blockchain
  • Entrepreneurs with a technological background interested in realising their business idea on the blockchain


  • Introduction to Blockchain
    ○ Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
    ○ Public and private blockchains
    ○ Cryptography and security
    ○ Public and private keys
    ○ Proof of work and proof of stake
    ○ Consensus mechanism
  • Ethereum Blockchain
    ○ Ethereum
    ○ Smart contracts
    ○ Decentralised applications (Dapps)
    ○ Utility and security tokens
    ○ Ether, gas and wei
    ○ Etherscan
    ○ Main and test networks
  • Blockchain in Practice
    ○ Install a wallet
    ○ Create your own Ethereum address
    ○ Obtain Ether
    ○ Perform a transaction
    ○ Deploy and interact with a smart contract
  • Blockchain Use Cases in Finance
    ○ JP Morgan Quorum
    ○ World Bank bond issue
    ○ Decentralised lending
    ○ Cross-border payments
    ○ Securities trading
    ○ Interest rate swaps
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