Let your child take the first step to design a robot arm BBC Micro:bit

We are pleased to announce our new BBC micro:bit workshop: All-in-one Robot Arm!

In this 8-hour workshop (2 hours sessions for four weeks), attendees will have a great opportunity to learn how to build simple robots and control it by using micro:bit. They will be controlling LEDs, build simple mechanical systems and move these pieces with the help of a servo motor.

Registration fee includes the following pack worth £20 RRP 

  • LEDs,
  • Servo Motor
  • Wires
  • Wooden Robotic Arm
  • Breadboard
  • Cartoon boxes

Requirements :

Participants are expected to bring their own laptops for the course. If you already have a BBC micro:bit, bring your own board. Otherwise, order from us during registration.

All 7-12 years old students are welcome, no previous experience required!

Schedule and Agenda


18 May 2019 (13:30 – 15:30) Controlling LEDs on the breadboard, and some advanced features of micro:bit, needed in the project

01 June 2019 (13:30 – 15:30) Introduction to servo motors and controlling them by programming. Building a crawling robot.

08 June 2019 (13:30 – 15:30) Building up a robotic head step by step using boxes, LEDs and a servo motor. Making the robot move.

15 June 2019 (13:30 – 15:30) Learning about how to build up their first robotic arm and controlling the arm with micro:bit


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