Makers in Action: Let's design a robot!

Workshop for 7-9 years old

Designing Robots with BBC Micro:bit,(for 7-9 years old)

London Innovation Society (LIS) in collaboration with Level39 present Makers in Action workshop series.

In this 7-hour workshop (1 hour 45 minutes per week for 4 weeks), students (7-9 years old) who have been already experienced with BBC micro:bit, will have a chance to apply their introductory level knowledge to more advanced techniques( by designing robots).

Each week is designed to prepare students to learn motions and movements of their own robotic designs by using micro:bit, servo motors and motor driver boards.

Students will not only get the joy of building their own robot but also have the experience of working as a team and solving the problem of the challenges together.

Requirements :

Each participant will need a micro:bit and several accessories. You can either bring your own micro: bit or choose the ticket type that includes the micro:bit board. The accessories (included in the ticket cost) needed during this course are:
– motor driver board
– LEDs, crocodile clips, servo motors

Who can attend:

7-9 years old students who are eager to learn BBC micro:bit.

All 7-9 years old students are welcome to the workshop, no previous experience required!


17 November 2019 (10:00- 11:45)

24 November 2019 (10:00- 11:45)

01 December 2019 (10:00- 11:45)

08 December 2019 (10:00- 11:45)

For more information or questions, please contact:

courses [at]

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