Come and join us to change the world, beginning with ours.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are hand-to-hand to solve our big problems. They enable building castles in the sky.

When you have the skills and the courage to pursue your ideas, you can change the world, beginning from your world of course 😊

In this seminar series, we aim to:

  • Bring together like minded entrepreneurs to grow their network,
  • Share stories of inspiration from valuable speakers
  • Meet the potential investors and startup founders.

Come and join us in the next event to meet with a diverse group of individuals who have the passion to grow their ideas and enjoy the stunning view from Level39.

See all keynote speakers, watch the speeches, and register for the next.

LAST EVENT > Prof. Linda Yueh

Come and join us in this sensational conversation on Prof. Linda Yueh’s last book ‘The Great Economists: How Their Ideas Can Help Us Today?’

Hussein Kanji

Want to join Deliveroo, Darktrace, Yieldify, TourRadar, Babylon Health, Behavox… on their portfolio list? Great opportunity to hear from Hussein Kanji, founding partner at Hoxton Ventures who will be sharing all on securing investment for your business!

#02 Elnur Seyidli

The challenges in building a company from £0 to £50million are vastly different to making £1billion from £50million. Elnur will give a personal account of how he overcame the challenges every entrepreneur faces.

#01 Dr. Fahri Karakas

The first event was titled “Building Castles in the Sky: Inspiring Conversations on Entrepreneurship” and the presenter was Dr. Fahri Karakas from Norwich University.

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