Project STEMinist aims to bring young women aged 16-19 from asylum seeking families in the UK to the Blizard Institute to meet and shadow inspiring women scientists, and attend interactive workshops run by STEM professionals at London Innovation Society. In the Blizard, small groups will shadow PhD students and budding women scientists in rotation for a day in the May half term and a day in the summer holiday to get a flavour of the range of research that happens here at Queen Mary. They will also attend a small seminar organised by WISE@QMUL.

There are many challenges that come with moving to a new country, and these can have a significant negative impact on the mental health of adolescents who not only have a language barrier to overcome, but are also required to adapt to a new school with a reduced self-esteem due to the inability to express themselves as well as usual. Young people of refugee status are often situated away from supportive networks, which are widely available in London, being dispersed in the Midlands and North East and West of the UK. The small grant that the CPE awarded for this project will enable these young women to travel to London and have an uplifting experience that will give them soft skills while also boosting their aspirations and restoring their self-worth.

London Innovation Society will play an important role in inspiring the attendees with medicine and engineering based activities and introducing other STEM avenues.

Greenwich Festival

The London Innovation Society have partnered with Engineering Minds at The Green STEM Festival – Our Planet. This inspirational event organised by Engineering Minds and supported by UK Science Festivals Network and ARM. The event empowered children and families understand how our actions impact on the future of Earth, how we can live more sustainably and environmentally responsible, and how Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths can help us to protect our Planet.

 The Festival supports the UK Clean Growth Strategy, focusing on Improving Our Homes, Delivering Clean, Smart, Flexible Power and Enhancing the Benefits and Value of Our Natural Resources.

 Children and families experienced hands-on activities that illustrate how engineering and science can safeguard our Earth, and will encourage them to think about how can they lower their carbon footprint. We aim to offer children, families and schools from South-East London the opportunity to receive information and identify local organisations that can continue to offer Green STEM opportunities.

LIS were one of around 20 eco-conscious organisations from London will exhibit and demonstrate earth-friendly Science and Engineering activities. The festival offered more than 10 free interactive STEM workshop and activities such as Building Solar Robots, LEGO Robotics, Introduction to Carbon Literacy, How to create solar-powered solutions for homes, schools and events, Recycle & Waste Prevention, Introduction to Local Environmental Quality, Waste Electrical Recycling and many more. There will be local entertainment, STEM related face-painting and arts & craft activities.

 The London Innovation Society ran a workshop about Superpowered Organisms: Genetically modified organisms for a Sustainable planet. We explored how genetically modified organisms are made, prevent crop devastation, develop new foods, and apply biotechnology to remove pollution from our environment. Design your own GMO to solve human and nature’s problems.

 To find out more about the festival and see if there are plans for next years festival follow the link: https://www.engineeringminds.org.uk/stem-fest

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