Our qualified STEM ambassadors run multiple workshops catered for pupils in primary and secondary school, focusing on science and technology and the integration of the two into our everyday lives.

Each workshop entails a specific topic that can range from neuroscience and the understanding of sensation to the implementation of ideas from nature into bio-inspired technologies, all supported by demonstrations for students to have a hands-on experience.

Our previous workshops include:

“Superpowered Organisms: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) for a Sustainable Planet”

We investigated how genetically modified organisms are made, how they are used in agriculture, and their applications in biotechnology to remove pollution from our environment.

“Bio-inspired technologies”

Specifically focusing on the structural arrangement of gecko’s feet in nanoscale which enables it to walk on vertical surfaces, we explored the implementation of this unique feature into our day to day lives such as using gecko pads in sports like tennis and squash to allow the user to grip their racket more strongly.

“How sensitive are you?”

Delving into the world of neuroscience, students obtained an understanding of the nervous system and took part in demonstrations to understand the mechanisms of receptors to elicit sensation and how these can differ between different individuals.

 “Discovering Cells – The Building Blocks of Life”

Students explored what the recipe of life is and were introduced to the concept of different types of cells that form the human body, further expanding their knowledge onto disease formation.

“Waterproof your life”

Investigating nanotechnology through the nano-structure of the lotus plant and other commercial materials.

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