Building Castles in the Sky #02

Inspiring conversations on entrepreneurship at Level 39.

New ideas with a new face

London Innovation Society now has a new website.

London Innovation Society helps bring up the next generation innovators.

and it's founded by a group of scientists and engineers based in London.
Motivational and visionary hands-on activities for curious minds aged between 15-25.


Help young professionals bridge the skill gap for enterpreneurship and funding opportunities
Addressing educational, healthcare and welfare challenges.

Innovate with young minds

Inspire young minds to pursue knowledge and foster a creative environment/skills to enable innovation.

Entrepreneur playground

Networking events to find the right partners for enterpreneurship and funding opportunities.

Only the volunteers, please.

Heil to self-starters

Life is unique, so everyone’s path is a sole-told story. But wait, there is something interested beneath under this: There will be cross-roads. Today or tomorrow. So, why not to contribute now?

Build a community

You are a part of London Innovation Society if you think that you are. There are no borders, no lines drawn. If you are professionally interested in topics that we mentioned, please walk in to have a tea.

Choose your generation to continue

to learn more about LIS activities relevant to you.

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Dreaming big dreams

Dreaming big dreams

When we are dreaming, we should let ourselves free to dream big dreams. Our dreams are powerful because of their boundlessness - they embody our creative spirits and best talents. Dreaming, like flying, is an art and skill that can be nurtured in ourselves. However,...