Blockchain 101 Workshop

Understand blockchain technology and how it can disrupt multiple industries. Start now to build tomorrow.

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We’re announcing the new opportunities in the London Innovation Society.

Start coding with BBC micro:bit

We’re presenting a new Makers In Action workshop series in collaboration with Level39.

Building Castles in the Sky

Inspiring conversations on entrepreneurship at Level 39.

London Innovation Society helps bring up the next generation innovators.

Motivational and visionary hands-on activities for curious minds aged between 8-15.
Help young professionals bridge the skill gap for enterpreneurship and funding opportunities.
Inspire the next generation of innovators to cure our world.

Innovate with young minds

Inspire young minds to pursue knowledge and foster a creative environment/skills to enable innovation.

Entrepreneur playground

Networking events to find the right partners for enterpreneurship and funding opportunities.
Volunteers are welcome!

Passion to grow ideas together

We love sharing our ideas and hearing yours. Innovation occurs when ideas collide. Our community with a diverse background can catalyse your success to pursue your dreams.

Build a community together

You are a part of London Innovation Society if you think you are. We would love to hear how you like to support us. If you are passionately interested in topics that we mentioned, please get in touch.

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